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Ukraine Emergency Relief

Since Russia invaded Ukraine. Follow The Need has been on the front lines to help save lives and show the love of Christ in these dark times.  We try to be the light in the darkest hours.   By having a team who live and work in Ukraine and Poland, we know exactly what is needed and is most crucial in order to save lives.  We are a small group, but we are quite effective.  The most important is the lifesaving supplies for the wounded civilians and military on the frontline combat zones and hospitals in Ukraine.  Besides delivering medical supplies we are also rescuing and treating people who are wounded.   The main advantage of the operation is that we have well-organized logistics, and each member of our team is a trained lifesaver.  Our Director in Ukraine is a certified combat lifesaver, a tactical combat casualty care instructor(TCCC) and has a Master in State Security Management (Crisis response ).  She also has trained over 7,000 combat lifesavers and medics.

We know exactly what help is needed and where to deliver it. As of now, we have 70 volunteer drivers risking their lives every day. We deliver supplies from the point of loading directly to the recipient: medical teams, hospitals, paramedics, military medics, and others.
 The most important need is the CAT tourniquet which is used to stop the bleeding.  Without this, many bleed out before ever getting to a hospital.  Also in need are  hemostatic, field surgical kits, chest seals ,burn dressing antibiotics, Israeli bandages and decompression needles.  For a full list you can contact us.
Although in the United States people have lost interest in the war, innocent people are dying and wounded every day.  We are continuing to provide life saving medical supplies and are now in the process of acquiring our most urgent need …used ambulances.  The need is great, Please support us and help save lives.
Medical equipment and suitable transportation are expensive, but people are priceless. Your gift can make a difference between life and death by providing these essential items.  Please support us and be the light in the darkness.

Delivered To date :

8,000 Cat Torniquets
3,000 Chest Seals
1,500 First Aid Backpacks