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Letter from Director

Follow The Need International, Inc. / Letter from Director

Dear friends and supporters,

Here is my story.  Some of you know I am first born in America. My family is from Ukraine. Most of the family lives in Ukraine now and some of them have fled to Warsaw, Poland. It is a sad time for us. 

Today, I reach out to you from, “Follow the Need” to stand with us as we reach so many wounded soldiers & civilians on the frontline. 

Richard and I got educated quickly, so we could decide who to stand alongside. I finally heard from my cousin in Warsaw.  I told her she would be our eyes & ears in finding the most effective organization in the area that we could help. You know how we roll… WE GET, WE GIVE! Many nonprofits receive donations, but move slowly, and don’t provide the most critical and crucial supplies needed. So, after a few days of running around for us, she found an amazing group. They are a small group who are getting the necessary medical supplies to the wounded in the combat zones and hospitals in Ukraine. They are saving as many lives as they can. UA Responders’ director, Natalia Sizova and her team, are former TCCC instructors. (Tactical Combative Casualty Care).  The team also includes ex-US military.  Thanks to her connections, they are able to deliver medicine & supplies immediately, even to cities where delivery is very difficult & dangerous.  In addition to supplies they are evacuating people and dogs from devastated and dangerous areas. We are monitoring the situation and speaking daily.  Follow The Need is partnering with UA Responders and we are working together to help Ukraine win the war.

It is going to be a long battle with too many casualties to count.  

Richard & I look forward to being a light for so many with you entering this light together for so many crying for help. 

Bless you all, Lila Vilain

Executive Director