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From The Front Lines

These were very bad days for the front line and, accordingly, for the doctors we are trying to help. On April 16, in Kharkiv, one of our team and my friend, with whom I began to study as a Combat Lifesaver in 2014, was seriously wounded in the head. She suffered severe facial damage, an open fracture of her jaw, and her right eye no longer exists. She is a young, beautiful, and very kind girl who has been trying to save other people all her life, and now she herself needs help. We will look for the best facial surgeons and prosthetists for her, and we will try to take her to Europe for rehabilitation. Ukrainian hospitals are so loaded with the wounded due to Russian activity in our south that it will not be easy to provide full-fledged medical care in her case.

The situation at the front has become very aggravated, and in these two weeks we have focused heavily on helping military doctors working on the front lines. The situation is such that they provide assistance not only to soldiers, but mostly to civilians.  Fighting is now going on in the cities of Kharkiv, Mariupol, the towns near Izyum and territories by Mykolaiv. The Russians refuse to open humanitarian corridors. Therefore, 90% of the aid that can still be transferred to these cities has to be transferred through military channels.

Thanks to the US team of Follow The Need, we were able to supply doctors in the south with equipment for providing medical assistance in combat conditions.

Throughout this month, we are trying to supply hospitals close to the front line with portable generators. They are necessary so that doctors can work in bomb shelters. Doctors very often ask us to bring them.  In cooperation with Follow the Need, we ensured the delivery of such a generator to Kharkiv. Together with the generator, a truck full of medicines and supplies for the care of the wounded was delivered.

By the way, amazing news, which at first, we did not believe, we sent more than 300 cartons of medicines, tourniquets, and first aid kits.  All this became possible only thanks to the help of people all over the world, and Follow the Need is a huge support to us.  Thank you from all our hearts!

Now we continue to purchase tourniquets and hemostatic, which are most needed in the first place. In addition, due to our logistics, hospitals are requesting us to deliver more complex medical supplies and devices. There is a huge number of wounded.

As a quick update on the dogs, we rescued from Kurakhovo, they are safe and undergoing rehabilitation. They will be placed in new homes or be reunited if possible.  Big update on our four-legged friends in coming weeks.

Once again thank you so much for your help
Bless you,
Natalia – Director Ukraine